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Should you buy car insurance? – 24/24 InsuranceShould you buy car insurance? – 24/24 Insurance

Everyone desires to live with peace of mind. However, life always entails unexpected events. Accidents may happen anytime anywhere and be unforeseeable. Understanding needs for protecting yourself and your families against unexpected events of the life, insurers, including insurers in Vietnam, come out into society.A number of leading insurers in Vietnam include: Bao Viet, ACE, PTI, Bao Minh, BIC, PVI…GiNET is known as one of the leading professional insurance agents in Vietnam. The company is also the first provider of online insurance services in Vietnam via its website:

GINET’s team

GiNET possesses a team of professional consultants having extensive experience and knowledge. Coming to GiNET, you will certainly have the best choice.According to legal regulations, car owners are required to take out car insurance; it protects you against risks which may occur to your car in the future.However, given a crowd of firms and various types of car insurance, it is difficult to select which product is the most appropriate to car owners. This is because if you have too much money, you will choose the most expensive package for yourself but not everyone can afford to buy such package.When you apply for car insurance through GiNET – insurance agent of 29 non-life insurers in Vietnam, we will choose the most suitable car insurance products to help you protect your “second home” at the lowest cost.

Currently, insurers in the market are providing the following types of car insurance:Bao Viet, Bao Minh, PTI, Pjico, Liberty…

Motor vehicle owners’ civil liability insurance: covering

  • Bodily injury, personal damage and third party property damage caused by motor vehicles.
  • Bodily injury, personal damage suffered by passengers under passenger carriage contracts caused by such vehicles.
  • Physical damage insurance for automobiles: covering physical damage resulting from:
  • Unexpected accidents beyond the control of car owners in such cases as crash, collision, overturning, collapse, fall, sinking, fire, explosion; collision with other objects;
  • Loss of the entire motor vehicle due to theft, robbery (full compensation);
  • In particular, in case of any damage of over 75% of the value of the vehicle or damage which cannot be repaired or recovered to ensure safe circulation or in case recovery cost is equal to or greater than the actual value of the vehicle, a payment equal to the value of the entire vehicle shall made.

Driver & passenger accident insurance 

  • Bodily injury to drivers & passengers while the vehicle is in traffic.


  • Voluntary civil liability insurance (up to VND10 billion/person/occurrence)
  • Repair at optional garage
  • Stolen part insurance 
  • Hydraulic stroke insurance
  • New for old replacement
  • Car rental during repair period
  • Insurance for accidents occurring outside the territory of Vietnam (China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand)

For further information about our premium schedule for automobile insurance packages, please contact 0977 222 085 for free- of- charge consultancy.

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